Cruise to Alaska 2010
Class of 1960
Pics from Carolyn Myers and Bryan and Lin Boling


Going up the steps
Row 1 - Marcia Franks Ott , Charles Creighton
Row 2 - Carolyn Whitford Myers, Carol Kost (friend of Dorothy Fischer)
Row 3 - Lin Boling, Dorothy Dustman Fischer
Row 4 - Linda Gray, Linda Patterson Brooks, Jill Miller McClellan
Row 5 - Judy Maxwell Ratzel, Myrtle Reynolds
Row 6 - Linda Johnson Lehman, Jacqueline Stewart, Bob Gray
Row 7 - Larry Brooks, Dave Myers
Row 8 - John Ott, Steve McClellan, Al Lehman
Row 9 - Sam Stewart, Brian Boling







Linda [Patterson] and Larry Brooks, Bob Gray, Linda Gray, and Judy [Maxwell] Ratzel





 Bob and Linda Gray

 Carolyn [Whitford] and David Myers



Stow Away

 Myrt Reynolds and Darlene Sapp



 Steve McClellan and Brian Boling

 Dorothy [Dustman] Fischer





 Judy [Maxwell] Ratzel

Brian Boling and Sam Stewart





 Al and Linda [Johnson] Lehman

 Bob Gray








Bob Gray, Linda Gray, Judy Ratzel, Linda [Patterson] and Larry Brooks, Brian Boling



Carolyn [Whitford] Myers, Jill [Miller] McClellan, Dorothy [Dustman] Fischer,  Marcia [Franks] Ott , Charles Creighton, Bob Gray, Linda Gray



Myrt Reynolds,"Is it time to go home yet?"  Next to Myrt is Linda [Johnson] Lehman. Across the table are
Al Lehman, Judy[Maxwell] Ratzel, Carolyn Whitford Myers, and Darlene  Sapp.





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