This is a snapshot from Claudia Johns Mazurkiewicz.
She says it is Bowman Street Elementary, 4th or 5th grade, maybe.

I purposely left this photo very large so that you can see the faces well.  You will probably have to scroll sideways to see everybody.

Why does that building in the background bother me?  Do I just not remember a building like that behind that elementary school?
Anybody remember that building being there?  I was only at Bowman St. for K and 1st grade.  They don't look grown enough to me to be 5th graders.

Update 23 Nov 2009:  The girl with the pigtails is Claudia Johns.  She says so, so she ought to know!  The boy on the far left in the hat may be Duane Steiner.....he says he thinks that might be him.  He also thinks the boy on the swing may be Jerry Clouse.  But Jerry Clouse does not think that this is Bowman St. and couldn't identify anyone in the photo.  Duane also thinks the girl on the left of the swing with her finger in her mouth might be Jane Dodez.  
Update 27 Nov 2009:  Jim Schmelzer thinks that the boy on the ground second from the left might be Ed Lynn Swartz.  I kept thinking that boys eyes should make him easier to identify.  I agree that it could be Lynn.  Any comments?  Is anyone in touch with Ed and could get him to comment?  I don't have an email address for him.

Please email me with any identities or other comments.  [Susie]

Update 24 Feb 2010:  I got this message from a distant cousin of mine who happens to be the sister of one of our class members.  "I went to Beall Ave School and I do remember a building right behind the swings. There were bushes and some greenery by that time. I certainly remember the slate roof. I am not clear on the windows but for some reason they don't stand out as wrong, perhaps because of the added greenery. The building was either just torn down or perhaps in the process when I came on the scene. I used to swing for hours there as we could walk to the playground. I wish I could confirm it for you but while I cannot at least I do remember a building and this one might be that very one."  Thanks, Robin!
So if this is Beall Ave, could the very blond girl on the right standing next to Claudia be Lynn McAlister?  And maybe Lynn Swartz might be correctly identified.  They both went to Beall.  



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